the day before creation Abba

my dad always said—

February 2016


Met with the Foundation of the Jewish Federation of the East Bay, and all I can say is— I admire my dad more than ever for his ability to inspire donors to support the causes that fired him up.

Next up: learn from pappa!

This is not my forte.  So if you’re good at fundraising, by all means—come and help out!

I’ve put together a great Proposal.  Now to send it around.  Ideas?

Um, and no.  That’s not a ‘live’ Donate button.  At least not yet. I asked Josh to tryout as an image.  Gives me that warm fuzzy feeling of seeing my dad do his thing.  What do you think? Shall we go for it?

Back to the storyboard! Now with our freshly minted script in hand, it’s time to revisit our storyline and give it a few tweaks here and there.

—mira z amiras