the day before creation Seymour Fromer

seek truth without fear

January 2016

Judah Magnes said that.

I was just looking through the website of the Jewish American Hall of Fame, and came upon this photo of my dad with Mel Wacks, Director of the JAHF—presenting this medal to Supreme Court Justice Arther Goldberg.

And it reminded me: be brave.

Here we were,  just thinking we were going to get back into the studio at EARPRINT and finish up recording the full narration of The Day Before Creation, and to work on the SFX for Part I.

But no—someone had a better idea. and you can bet it wasn’t me.

Why not be a little braver with the script?

And I thought about my dad founding the Magnes Museum —now known as the Magnes Collection of the Bancroft Library at the University of California, Berkeley… and, well—the point being:

Be brave.  Or at least a little braver. Bravery, it turns out, is sometimes very much  a team sport.  And Josh B brought in Josh A to hold my feet to the fire. And make me go places in the script I did not want to go.  I mean—before you know it, we could end up with a real movie…

And so, with the help of  A+B, we set out with another revision of our tale—and it just gets better and more surprising. I feel like I’ve revisited the script ten million times at this point.  My daughter Rayna Savrosa—also on our team, assures me that scripts change like this all the way through the production. And sometimes even in post.

But here’s the thing. Each time I visit and revisit the script, something new emerges.  Guess I shouldn’t be surprised at that.

Seek truth without fear. That’s where the script is going…

—mira z amiras

the day before creation beresheit

let there be sound—

November 2015

We’re in the Recording Studio at EARPRINT recording our narration of Part I of the movie with Shoshana Simons and Charlie Varon.  Sound engineer is Jason Reinier. Something is emerging: voice!

—mira z amiras